About Medcare

Medcare is a charity registered in the UK, dedicated to serve the children in Uganda, providing them with a lifeline in the face of extreme poverty. Poverty has resulted in poor living conditions, unclean water, malnutrition and neglect often resulting in sickness and a vulnerability in the face of many diseases, and sometimes death.

some of the children we support

Medcare believes... No task is too great, no price to high, to save the life of a child.

We believe all children have the rights to:

  • Life and health
  • Clean water and sanitation
  • To be well nourished and content
  • To play, develop and enjoy life.

Medcare aims to ensure these rights to Ugandan children through the development of the Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre in Kamutuuza.

Medcare’s VISION is to provide individual, socially deprived children with:

  • A healthy future
  • A fulfilling childhood
  • A knowledge that they are loved - by others and by God
  • A chance to attend school and grow into adult life
  • An opportunity to contribute to the financial status of their communities
  • A release from the poverty trap.

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Make it worth more

If you are a UK tax payer, we can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation. A £10 gift from you will be worth £12 to Medcare. This is an easy way to ensure your contribution has maximum effect where it matters; on the children of Uganda.

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