Outreach at Wellspring

The Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre provides a wealth of services to the community...

Wellspring Medical Centre

Outreach Clinics

The Wellspring ambulance is used in outreach weekly 6 times a month taking drugs and immunisations into the village communities, advising on the health of individual children, together with health education for the children’s guardians. Community health workers, volunteers employed by Wellspring, assist in this service. 

Child Sponsorship Programme

The Wellspring Child Sponsorship Programme provides for individual children with chronic life threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Sickle Cell Disease, epilepsy and those with physical disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, amputees, and those children born deaf or blind. This scheme is run by the Wellspring Sponsorship Manager with the assistance of the Wellspring social worker. Sponsorship provides regular monitoring of the child’s health, transport costs to clinics and hospitals, dietary supplements, counseling and health education. Sponsorship is obtained from individuals and organisations in the UK, USA and Canada.

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Wellspring Home for Disabled Children

The Wellspring Home for Disabled Children was opened in June 2018. This home has been specially designed and built for 42 disabled and disadvantaged Ugandan children, under the care of Noeline Nakaagwa, the ‘house mother’ and her assistants. This home aims to provide safe, hygienic housing for seriously deprived, abused, and often abandoned handicapped children, in a loving family environment; and their integration into local schools and communities, in an attempt to abolish prejudices and superstitions - so enabling disabled children to take their rightful places within their communities, providing them with a knowledge of their own self worth and hope for the future. 

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