Sponsorship Schemes

We have a range of child sponsorship schemes in action...

some of the children we support

Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre

Over 20,000 children are treated in the clinics and on the ward annually and this figure is rising. The smallest donation towards the running of the Medical Centre will go a long way in saving the lives of these children.

Every penny counts....

7p will buy a sack of rice – food for a starving child
20p buys a litre of milk – essential for a malnourished child
70p treats one child with malaria – the greatest killer of Ugandan children
90p per day provides hope through sponsorship of a child with AIDS
£3 will purchase a life saving mosquito net
£5 provides the salary for a trained nurse for one day
£10 provides vocational training for a disadvantaged child for 4 weeks.

A little money goes a long way in Uganda

Download the UK Medcare Sponsorship Pack

Download the USA Medcare Sponsorship Pack

COIN (Children with Ongoing illnesses in Need)

A sponsorship scheme for children with chronic life threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Sickle Cell Disease etc., children often marginalised in their communities.
At a cost of £25 monthly - less than £1 per day.

MDI (Medcare Disability Initiative)

A sponsorship scheme for children with physical disabilities. Many of the children on this scheme have been abandoned by their families because of their disabilities.
At a cost of £25 monthly - less than £1 per day.

MSI (Medcare Schools Initiative)

This is a sponsorship programme for children aged 4-18 years, registered on the COIN and MDI schemes, requiring assistance with school fees, uniforms, books etc.

  • At a cost of £100 annually MSI aims to provide a child with his/her rights of an education at a local junior school. 
  • If the child has to board because of home circumstances the cost increases to £200 annually.
  • Once the child reaches secondary school the sponsorship continues until ‘O’ levels have been taken at an increased cost of £200 annually.

MFS (Medcare Family Support)

Due to extreme poverty many children and their families cannot afford the food they need to develop and remain healthy. A large number of children are admitted to Wellspring with severe malnutrition each year. MFS provides families, whose children have suffered from malnutrition, with food supplements each month.
At a cost of £25 monthly - less than £1 per day.

Since the development of COIN in 2009, MDI and MSI in 2010 and MFS in 2011, many children lives have been saved and many more lives transformed. TASO, one of the local AIDS agencies has reported that all children reviewed in their clinics who are sponsored through Medcare are healthier and have a far greater prognosis than other children in their care.

Individual children suffering from AIDS have received life saving antibiotics and anti malarial drugs for recurrent infections; TB has been detected and treated; cataracts removed so restoring eyesight for children who would otherwise have gone blind; development and general health has improved in the vast majority of cases; improved fitness levels and confidence has enable children to resume their  schooling.

Individual children with physical disabilities have gained in general health and mobility; obtained assistance with hearing difficulties; removal of cataracts for those who are blind; gained increased confidence in their own abilities; many beginning school for the first time.

Through the work of Medcare, particularly as a result of the sponsorship schemes, the Wellspring Children’s Medical Centre is now known in the local villages as the “place where children’s lives are saved” (quote from local villagers). Many thanks to all sponsors and supporters of Medcare who have enabled this reputation. Particular thanks go to William Lubyayi, our Wellspring Manager of the sponsorship schemes, without whose tireless work on behalf of these very needy children the sponsorship schemes would never have developed.

To sponsor a child on any of the above schemes please view the Medcare Sponsorship Pack, and contact Medcare on admin.medcare@icloud.com. Child details will be sent to you. To donate towards COIN, MDI, MSI, MFS or the Wellspring Children's Medical Centre please use the PayPal or JustGiving links below.


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Make it worth more

If you are a UK tax payer, we can reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation. A £10 gift from you will be worth £12 to Medcare. This is an easy way to ensure your contribution has maximum effect where it matters; on the children of Uganda.

Download the Medcare GiftAid Form

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